Beyond the pure pictures – Installations by Thomas Steffens.

I research what interests me. The fascination with things has remained in my childlike soul. Observing something for a long time will hold you tightly and give you an unknown dimension. The true power of art lies in the intensity of contemplation.




… art is immersing yourself in something. Perhaps the art is to understand one’s individual point of view. The work of art is an initial impulse to first see, then experience, then generate individual understanding. So it’s always more than the mere picture. Based on this idea, I vary my installations. Something arises in the room that stands in the way of the viewer as a body / object or attracts a glance. What becomes of it lies only in the viewer, exclusively. Everything is subject to this subjectivity.

  • Art is about immersing oneself in something, going beyond surface-level observation.

  • The essence of art lies in understanding and interpreting from an individual standpoint.

  • Artwork serves as a catalyst to see, experience, and form unique understandings.

  • Installations are my way of exploring this idea, creating something that obstructs or captivates the viewer.

  • The viewer’s subjective experience determines the meaning and impact of the artwork.

  • Subjectivity plays a significant role in shaping the interpretation of art.

Creation of the room installation „CONFIDENCE“

Here the situation is shown in an industrial hall during the manufacture of the paper boat that I designed for a church in Cologne. What is very nice to experience is the stage-like work platform, in this set the work became a process that changed me.

Basically, I am not interested in the finished work, but in the process that leads there. That’s why I don’t always use one technique, but like to try out myself and my possibilities on different materials and concepts.


Reacting to places – Reacting to technology – Reacting to people

All these works were temporary. They were only valid for a while, then they become history.
I collect these stories here.


I have shown the kinetic objects very often for over 3 years. New examples were created for each exhibition. I started this work because I wanted to explore the technical possibilities of computer fans, of course in an artistic sense.

After the first explorations, I was confused. The two fans did quite well in a random combination with other „junk“ from the studio, but the result didn’t mean, hey, I’m done. So I ditched this art and started trying something new.



An invitation preceded the project. The evangelical church in Cologne Deutz asked me to show some of my work for an exhibition in the church.

I went to the church more often to see what I could show in this room. I noticed the height of the room, the light which was distributed in color through the south-facing windows in the church.

One day I had a vision of a boat, the situation was exciting. I realized that I should explicitly do a work for this room.

I developed a boat over a few weeks …


In 2008 we took part in an art tour as a studio community. On 3 days people from the city visited us to see how an artist works.

We showed our art objects, the studios, everything that is exciting and interesting to see around the work could be discovered by people.

But something special should also take place, I set up a performance in the basement of the studio to show something different from what I usually do, the visitors should join in.

You can find some pictures of the construction here.